How to Choose a Quality Commercial Construction Contractor

How to Choose a Quality Commercial Construction Contractor

Jul 26, 2022

Commercial Construction

How to Choose a Quality Commercial Construction Contractor

It's essential for property owners to hire licensed, insured, and qualified construction services to achieve quality results. Hiring a group of independent contractors who lack the necessary training, tools, and skills for commercial construction projects can result in significant losses.

Here are important tips to keep in mind when you hire a commercial construction contractor.

  1. Seek Referrals and Recommendations

    It's helpful to ask friends and business colleagues who have previously hired construction services about insights from their experiences. Ask them specific questions about what parts of the building process made them happy or dissatisfied. Can they recommend a quality construction company? Another approach is to examine a building you admire and determine which contractor was hired for the construction work.

  2. Research the Candidate's Background

    It's important to take note of a potential contractor's credentials and record on public safety. If you care about going green, find out the company's environmental record and what steps it's taking toward eco-friendly solutions. Research the company's services and look for online reviews about the firm. Check if the builder belongs to any reputable associations and whether or not it specializes in certain areas of construction. Then decide if the construction team is a good match for your project.

  3. Make Quality a Priority

    Quality is usually more important than speed and affordability when it comes to commercial construction. Cutting corners ends up costing more. If something is cheaply and hastily installed, it can have expensive consequences down the road. By prioritizing quality and sustainability, you can reduce maintenance costs in the long term.

  4. Take a Detail-Oriented Approach

    Evaluating different contractors can be a complex task because it involves balancing costs with quality. On the one hand, you don't want to get stuck with a weak structure; on the other, you should attempt to cut supply and labor costs as much as possible.

    The overall evaluation can be dramatically affected by the current state of the economy and supply chains. That's why it's important to document a multitude of "if/then" principles to prepare for and navigate through construction challenges. Your project plan should exhibit both a simple summary and comprehensively detailed instructions.

    Collaborating with seasoned design experts will help you communicate the right details to the construction team. It's important that the owner, contractor and crew members all speak the same language pertaining to construction.

  5. Sharpen Communication

    Winning organizations are built on strong communication with internal and external entities. Effective communication is the lifeblood of commercial profits, whether it involves collaborative sales, marketing, planning, or production. When you use the clearest language possible, you can prevent unnecessary errors. Every level of project management should consider effective communication as the bridge that connects the blueprints with the finished product.

    Sharpening your communication skills is vital if you want your construction design ideas to be clearly understood and executed by project managers and builders. Contact Nikki Fox, nikki@parkwestgc.com, at Parkwest General Contractors to learn more about what it takes to achieve a successful construction project.