Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction: Here's What You Should Know

Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction: Here's What You Should Know

Mar 22, 2023

Commercial Construction

Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction: Here's What You Should Know

The commercial construction industry is in a transformative period of adopting new technology and faster building methods. Green buildings equipped with clean energy generation equipment lead the way in the next generation of commercial construction. New machines and design processes are shaping the new construction environment. Here's a closer look at today's commercial construction innovative techniques.

The Advent of 3D Printing

A modern method for accelerating construction time is the use of 3D printers. These advanced machines can create parts for buildings that can be assembled off-site, speeding up the on-site construction process. Building materials used by 3D printers include traditional construction supplies, concrete, and composites.

One of the most important aspects of 3D printing that make it a sustainable process is that it reduces construction waste. Products are made on an on-demand basis. Another advantage to using 3D printers is they can create smart technology components for a modern building. The more a building is integrated with IoT sensors, the more real-time data it can generate for analysis to improve building efficiency.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

These days commercial construction innovative technique that identifies a project's strengths and weaknesses is the use of predictive analytics and machine learning. This technology helps spot construction flaws early so that they don't become more expensive problems late in the construction process. Predictive analysis is further useful for determining the most efficient building materials.

AI for Construction Workflows

Complex building projects require efficient construction management to avoid financial losses. Using the right amount of labor is a key factor in keeping construction costs under control. Artificial intelligence (AI) software can provide scheduling to achieve cost-efficient workflows. Not only can AI effectively manage construction documentation, but it also makes access to critical data easier. Additionally, it creates greater transparency and improves communication.

Building Information Modelling

Multiple professionals of different trades must come together as a team to ensure construction project results are cohesive and sustainable. These individuals, such as engineers, architects, and builders, can work together via digital communication. They don't necessarily need to always meet in the same physical place to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that integrates with software technology to generate digital models of a construction project. These graphic simulations are stored in computer files of various formats. BIM differs from AutoCAD software in the sense that it allows for integrating deeper documentation, such as costs and specifications.

Advanced BIM software allows for all project members to access a shared digital model from the same database. Benefits of 6D BIM include easy energy budgeting and dealing with time overlays. This technology gives you access to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences for model visualization.

One of the greatest advantages of BIM is that it opens the door to experimenting with different models to see which ones paint the best picture using predictive analysis. It allows you to view designs on a real scale and test them in a virtual environment.

Innovate Your Construction with Parkwest General Contractors

Embracing commercial construction innovative techniques is the key for a brand to stand out in a landscape of endless buildings. It helps to consider several building design possibilities via digital modeling before narrowing down a final design. Contact us at Parkwest General Contractors for more information on innovating your building design.