Introduction to Preconstruction Services: What You Should Know

Introduction to Preconstruction Services: What You Should Know

Apr 27, 2022

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Introduction to Preconstruction Services: What You Should Know

Surprises are bad for any commercial real estate development project. With preconstruction services, you engage experts to analyze your upcoming project and determine everything it entails from the outset. This analysis allows you to adequately prepare for what's coming.

Importance of Preconstruction Services

Preconstruction activities kick off your construction planning process. At this stage, your team seeks to pinpoint potential bottlenecks and assess how those might impact the upcoming project's costs. Their analysis can reveal vital aspects of the project, including:

  • costs
  • timeline
  • scope

With these early insights, it's easier to set a feasible budget and realistic timeline for your upcoming project. You might even discover that the project isn't viable based on the final pre-construction evaluation report. This would allow you to make informed decisions and save tens of thousands of dollars.

What Do Preconstruction Services Entail?

Preconstruction processes involve planning with your team of experts to select a budget and decide whether to proceed with the project. During preliminary meetings with your team, you should discuss your project goals. This is your earliest chance to pose questions and have any pending concerns about the future project addressed. In the end, you should have precise answers on the budget and scope. The preconstruction feasibility study may cover items such as:

  • Risk analysis
  • Engineering paperwork
  • Equipment, tools, and supply lists
  • Site plan
  • Site elevation

Paperwork to Scrutinize During Preconstruction Analysis

You'll need to look into key construction documents as part of the process to assess the feasibility of your upcoming project. Important paperwork and plans include:

  • Building survey: This report indicates the current state of the property in question.
  • Schematic design: It shows the projected post-construction appearance and function of the building.
  • Zoning paperwork: These documents show whether your construction project follows applicable local, state, and federal building regulations.
  • Design development: This is an enhanced version of the schematic design that incorporates expert input from the architect.
  • Interior design: These plans convey the expected general appearance and feel of the building's interior.
  • Construction documents: The drawings include details of how the structure will be built. Various project stakeholders, including owners, engineers, architects, and contractors communicate with each other using such paperwork.
  • Permits: These documents confirm that your building has the prerequisite regulatory approval.
  • Construction administration: With these reports, you can easily maintain a system of checks and balances throughout the project.

Once you have finished your preconstruction feasibility study, you can rely on the report to decide about going on with the project. You understand the various risks involved pretty well and can create a proper mitigation plan at the start. Also, preconstruction analysis can reveal key opportunities to save on project costs and fast-track the delivery time.

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