The 10 Key Aspects of a Hotel Lobby Layout That Guests Love

Jun 07, 2023

Hotel design

hotel lobby layout hotel lobby layout

One of the first things people notice when they visit a hotel for the first time is the hotel lobby layout. Here's a look at what makes certain layouts attractive to hotel guests.

Strategic lighting

The most important points to remember about lighting are color, brightness, and location. Soft, warm yellow lights often work best for hotel lobbies.

Amount of open floor space

Finding a balance between style and practicality is crucial for attracting guests. Hotels can achieve this balance by allowing enough open floor space for up to 15 percent of hotel guest capacity.

Types & styles of furniture

Keep furniture ideas simple while considering the three main categories of historical, modern, and contemporary styles. Factors that affect your choice will be branding, location, and architecture.

Biophilic elements

The study of biophilic design involves staying close to nature in modern society. Studies show humans are most comfortable in environments with reminders of nature, such as trees and water.

Shape & size of the front desk

The front desk plays an important role in the communication between the brand and guests. Its shape and size should be consistent with the hotel's overall design.

Location of the concierge

Luxury hotels often employ a concierge who provides guests with information about hotel amenities and the local area. The concierge should operate near the main entrance or exit.

Locations of food & beverage stations

Many guests often seek the convenience of cafes and vending machines inside a hotel. These places are best located close to a hall with easy navigation for guests.

Location of luggage carts & related equipment

Luggage carts help guests move belongings, but they can also take up space when not in use. They are best stored near the main entrance.

Location & presentation of information about the surrounding area

Travelers often expect a hotel to provide them with a brochure rack of local attractions. It's best located near the front desk. You may consider saving space and making this information available through an app.

Disbursement of electrical outlets & charging stations for guests

Many guests appreciate electrical outlets and charging stations in a hotel lobby. Ideally, there are multiple charging stations spaced apart.

Learn more about ideal hotel layouts

There's no one-size-fits-all hotel lobby layout that works for all lodging facilities. Contact us today at Parkwest General Contractors to learn more about what you can do with your layout.

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