Tips for Hotel Renovation with Minimal Spending

Tips for Hotel Renovation with Minimal Spending

Mar 11, 2021


Tips for Hotel Renovation with Minimal Spending
During the current pandemic, hotels are using the slow traffic period to remodel or enhance their properties. At the same time, hotels must be careful not to overspend on renovation due to the financial uncertainty the pandemic has already caused. Here are creative tips for hotel renovation on a tight budget.

5 Must Know Hotel Renovation Tips

  1. Adopt Neutral Colors - Going with neutral tones or white, which looks more clean and creates a spacious feel, has a more timeless and universal look. Painting the wall neutral tones with pale pastels is an inexpensive way to freshen up the hotel's appearance. One way to make bedding look more modern is to replace old patterned blankets with newer solid-color blankets.
  2. Purchase Comfortable Chairs - Adding comfort to a room should always be a top concern for hotels. Placing a few comfortable modern chairs in a room can make a big difference in how guests perceive comfort. These days it's best to avoid vinyl-covered chairs or those that match the carpet since those styles have become dated. Chairs made of natural elements are associated with a more relaxing feel.
  3. Rethink the Room Layout - Many hotels still use old-fashioned concepts for room layouts. Sofas and chairs no longer need to be set up against walls. Experimenting with desk placement and other furniture can lead to a fresh appearance without investing in new items. Many travelers are inspired by designs they see in their travels, so try to make a creative impact.
  4. Use Brighter Lighting in Elevators - Dark elevators can create gloomy feelings. Simply replacing bulbs in an elevator with brighter lights can add energy and a perception of a safer facility.
  5. Replace Old Pictures with New Art - Making artistic enhancements to your hotel is another subtle way to attract attention. Evaluate all the paintings hanging on walls and determine if they add interest or energy to the room. If not, look for more vibrant or neutral art that projects a modern look and cozy feel. Showcasing local art is a great way to connect with the community.

Other Affordable Hotel Renovation Tips

There are countless ideas to draw from when you engage with other hoteliers in a brainstorming session. Focus on the guest experience and what you can do to make their journey more convenient and pleasant. Simply offering free mints at the front desk can leave a positive impression for guests and prospects. Providing interesting literature in the lobby beyond standard travel brochures is another way to signal that your hotel cares about travelers. Certain low cost hotel renovation ideas that add subtle aesthetic value may be worth pursuing, such as painting a dark gray border on doors to contrast with walls. Other subtle changes that won't run up a high budget include updating shades to bedside lamps and installing leatherette upholstered panels in the headboards. Upgrading bathrooms with larger mirrors creates a more spacious atmosphere. Hotels can make qualitative changes to their properties to show travelers they've evolved and modernized during the pandemic. Use these tips for hotel renovation ideas to upgrade your hotel without draining the budget. Contact Nikki Fox, Nikki@ParkwestGC.com, at Parkwest General Contractors to learn more about cutting hotel costs and maximizing guest satisfaction.