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Gen Z loves luxury. This technology-driven generation is in constant lookout for new and exciting things. With most parents nowadays considering their children’s opinion for hotel booking, hotel owners are definitely in a difficult situation. This generation is not easy to please, but with the right customer service strategy, hotel owners and managers can delight them.

The bulk of Gen Z falls under 20 years of age. If you study their behavioral patterns, it is easy to come up with an effective hotel strategy.

Let’s look at some of the core things that your hotel must incorporate for a delightful experience.

Technology-Driven Services

Innovative technology is key here. Most hotel operations should be technology-driven, like mobile check-in and checkout, payment gateway integration, and placing orders through mobile devices, to name a few.

Social Media Presence and Integration

If your hotel or resort is not on popular social media sites, you are losing potential customers. Gen Z prefers social media reviews over any other rating services. Also, they love to flaunt their experience on these platforms. An excellent social media strategy will not only yield more bookings but also help you increase customer experience.

Community Experience

Gen Z prefers spending time outdoors, connecting, and networking. Your hotel should have excellent social and community hubs for them to socialize.

Value for Money

Gen Z is always on the lookout for economically efficient services. You don’t want to put them under the impression that they are not getting what they paid for while staying at your hotel.

It is evident that hotel owners cannot ignore this generation’s potential to form their primary customer base. Hoteliers need to act in time to stay in the game and improve their hotel stay experience. To make your hotel more appealing for the latest generation, you can renovate it using skilled contractors. Contact Nikki Fox at Parkwest General Contractors at for all your building renovation and upgrade needs.

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