hotel rooftops to amenity spaces

Hotels and restaurants are among the most affected businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the hotels are looking forward to reopening, some health regulations can affect their profit.

You need to capitalize on effective strategies before you reopen. One such strategy is to utilize your hotel rooftops. Here are some ideas for converting your hotel rooftops into useful amenities:


Everybody loves pools, so you can have a small pool in your hotel. Although the concept may not work in every season, when it works, it pleases everyone. Under the current situation, you need to be extra cautious in maintaining the sanitization and cleanliness measures.

Spas and Hot Tubs

Spas and hot tubs are certainly one of the most desired amenities in a hotel. They are a great place to socialize and relax if you keep the safety guidelines in check. The facilities have a year-round appeal, though they especially excel in the winter season.

Resort Seating, Cabanas, and Lounge Spaces

A well-designed lounge space can attract your visitors and guests. Add some comfort, shade, privacy, and lighting to the fray. If you have comfortable seating and ambiance, you can expect more visitors to your hotel. However, don’t forget to inform your visitors about social distancing measures.

Rooftop Games

A game area will complement a rooftop lounge. A bocce ball court or an outdoor chess game is compact enough to fit in your hotel. Ask participants to wear gloves and masks for their safety.

Use these ideas for converting idle hotel rooftops into modern amenities. Also, keep your customers informed about the reopening date, offers, and the safety measures you are taking to prevent the spread of the virus so that they can plan accordingly.

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