The construction industry is continuously changing and developing. New trends from technological advancements to a sharper focus on sustainability emerge every year. Here are some of the popular construction industry trends:

Increased Integration in Technology

Technology is driving a change in almost every industry. With several drones and 3D printing, the construction industry now tends to use technology more. Also, many construction companies use BIM (Building Information Modeling technology), augmented reality (AR) helps in the fast simulation of structural changes, and mobile technology helps in building accountability with constant monitoring.

Attention to Sustainability

Many successful companies are focusing on sustainability, so they choose green construction and building sustainable cities. Green construction can significantly save resources as well as reduce the carbon footprint.

Project Management Software

Many industries use project management software, including the construction industry.  The use of project management software has improved significantly in recent years. The software has now been updated to suit various tasks. This software offers construction companies three main advantages – transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

Increased Material Expense  

Rising material costs is a major problem faced by construction companies. That is why many construction companies use technologies like drones, AR, and BIM to maintain project volume and combat cost pressure.

Safety Equipment

The safety equipment is crucial to reduce accidents in the construction industry. The companies also use safety equipment that identifies and notifies potential safety threats.

More Prefabrication Projects

Prefabrication and modular designs have become increasingly popular. Many smaller builders have developed innovative, green building designs with this method.

These are some of the construction industry trends. If you need an experienced contractor for renovation or upgrade projects, contact Nikki Fox, Nikki@ParkwestGC.com, at Parkwest General Contractors. We look forward to helping you with all your construction and renovation needs.