Post-COVID Hotel Design and Construction: Trends to Look out For

Post-COVID Hotel Design and Construction: Trends to Look out For

Nov 25, 2021

Commercial Construction

Post-COVID Hotel Design and Construction: Trends to Look out For
Having faced severe financial challenges due to the pandemic, many hotel owners have moved toward redesigning their properties. The goal is now to design indoor and outdoor hotel layouts more strategically to account for future pandemics and disruptions. Here's a look at how a post-pandemic hotel industry will look in the future.

Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Larger patios and balconies are part of the vision hotel leaders have planned for the post-pandemic hotel experience. One of the reasons the pandemic was so disruptive to hotels was many properties were unprepared to facilitate social distancing. One practical solution has been to increase the amount of space connecting indoor and outdoor environments by removing walls.

Moving Away from Carpeting

Even though carpeting is less expensive, hardwood floors are becoming more common in hotels because they provide cleaner hygiene conditions. Some hotels are also using antimicrobial rugs as an alternative.

Lobbies Designed for Social Distancing

Movable dividers play a valuable role in hotel lobbies, which are often the busiest part of a hotel. The concept of blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoors is also helping facilitate an environment designed for social distancing.

Touchless Technology

New digital technology that doesn't require human contact is steadily being adopted by hotels. Voice-activated software and tech-driven by motion can provide effective solutions involving well-planned areas set up for social distancing. Guests will be able to experience more contactless journeys with advances in technology that unites the digital and physical worlds. Prior to the pandemic, several hotels introduced "high-tech guest rooms" that reduced the number of contact guests had with light switches and TV remotes. The innovation included electronic keys that provide room and pool access through the guest's smartphone. Screens and partitions are quickly being incorporated into an increasing number of hotels.

Health and Safety Considerations

The quest for designing hotels with cleaner and more eco-friendly materials is now underway in the hospitality industry. Since brass is an alloy - a mix of metals - that encompasses copper, it can destroy microbes. Antimicrobial finish is another hygiene-based solution that prevents the spread of bacteria on surfaces. Dining areas are being rearranged so that tables are more spaced apart, with more eating space allocated outdoors. Large outdoor umbrellas shape and set boundaries for guests to stay within. Hotels are in the process of transformation towards providing more open space and conditions that facilitate social distancing. The combination of new digital technology and sustainable principles in shaping the next generation of hotels. Contact our experts at Parkwest General Contractors to learn more about how to modernize your hotel.