8 Proven Strategies and Techniques to Increase Hotel Occupancy

8 Proven Strategies and Techniques to Increase Hotel Occupancy

Nov 15, 2022


8 Proven Strategies and Techniques to Increase Hotel Occupancy

Every hotel tracks occupancy rates as a leading metric. Hotel managers use historical occupancy data to compare with present bookings to evaluate demand trends for certain days or months. Here's a look at the keys to increasing hotel occupancy in slow seasons and when the economy takes a downturn.

  1. Shift marketing efforts when demand declines

    When your goal is to increase hotel occupancy during low-demand cycles, you must steer clear of generic marketing ideas and become more creative. It's important to zero in on your target market and determine what attracts them to your property. Focus on cells within the target that require regular travel.

  2. Offer discounts and package deals

    You can add value to a guest's travel experience by offering discounts and special packages that combine attractive features. Offering multiple items such as lodging, food, and entertainment in one affordable package has worked for decades at attracting new guests.

  3. Improve guest experience through regular staff training

    Some hotels are very memorable while others are just a forgettable travel expense. Aiming for the former helps plant seeds of future success. Make your services enjoyable and offer a wholesome experience to the guests. Train your staff to keep up with the ever-changing demands of your clientele.

  4. Add popular amenities

    Amenities alone can be a reason why a traveler loves your hotel. You don't necessarily need an indoor swimming pool, but consider making recreation an obviously fun offering for guests. Check online hotel reviews to see what type of amenities guests who visit your market crave.

  5. Target repeat business

    By targeting your most loyal guests in marketing, you can focus on developing closer relationships to meet the specific needs of guests. Consider using remarketing ads in your digital marketing campaigns and figure out ways to make loyal guests happier.

  6. Investigate and enhance your online reputation

    Research what people are saying about your hotel on review sites and social media networks. If the prevailing sentiment is negative, you need to improve your online reputation. You can monitor online reviews with social listening software and engage more with followers to make your hotel more familiar.

  7. Focus on hotel location

    Check with your local Convention and Visitors Bureau to find out what's attracting tourists to the area. Focus on promoting your location more than your property.

  8. Partner with businesses that promote local events

    By partnering with other businesses in your community for local events, you can raise awareness about your brand and provide your guests with activities to explore.

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