Projects on Which Lobbyists Are Spending the Most Money

From the Palladium Towers to soccer stadiums, these are the projects that are weighing down the pockets of lobbyists. 

Lobbyists have enjoyed yet another year as a new report from the Los Angeles Ethics Commission shows that more than 400 lobbyists and lobbying firms registered with the city have brought in more than $13.5 million–and that was just in the first three months of the year! Lobbyists and lobbying firms are legally required to register with the ethics commission each year. After every quarter, they have to file reports disclosing how much they were paid, by whom, each city agent they tried to influence, services provided, and the projects they are working on.

The Most Expensive Projects

Project: Crossroads of the World Complex

Amount Paid: $220, 660

This massive product would completely revamp Hollywood’s historic crossroad. Adding eight new buildings including a hotel and two residential towers. It has been met with incredible controversy from the start as the project served as a spark from the anti-development Neighborhood Integrity Initiative.

Project: MLS Stadium

Amount Paid: $126,696

Demolition will begin soon as the Los Angeles Sports Arena will make way for the new, 22,000-seat stadium for the brand new Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). The team is expecting the stadium to be completed by 2018, so there is a strict timeline is in place. The lobbying fees will likely help the project stays on schedule.

Project: 8150 Sunset Boulevard

Amount Paid: $166,715

The famous Garden 0f Allah on Sunset Strip is getting a makeover. After initial plans to redesign the site, many residents protested. In response, Frank Gehry was brought on to make sure that everything would remain well.

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